Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Work In Progress

Between relatives being here, taking kids to swim at the lake, and to the movies, I worked on this bench today. As I was getting ready to put the seat on, a friend stopped by and asked if it was going to have storage. Storage--now why didn't I think of that! It would probably take me another hour to add a bottom and cut a 3 inch strip from the seat and use a piano hinge, What do you think--is it worth it. I plan on painting the bench black. The storage would only be 5 inches deep, but enough for mittens, etc. Give me your thoughts!


  1. What a beautiful bench. Storage would be great, but is it worth the effort. I think it's 6-of one and 1/2 dozen another. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

  2. Great bench, beautiful style.

    Storage would be a fantastic idea, if it isn't too much trouble to rework it.

    Even if you decide not to add the storage, it's a wonderful piece.

    (I post on the boards at Ringo's Tree House.)

  3. Great bench! I think a person could easily slide a couple baskets underneath the bench and have some good storage. Much easier!

  4. I just found your Blog & absolutely LOVE...LOVE...LOVE it! What inspiration! Got me fired up to deal with some of the "treasures" I've found, & get 'em cleaned up & refinished. Thank you

  5. Love the bench...I agree with Vanessa...put baskets underneath and it would look great just like that.

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  7. just looking over your past posts - you're really creative - love the projects - i never actually get around to doing any of mine :(

    good job!


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