Friday, October 10, 2008

An Opinion Please

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. No seriously, as it is snowing out today! October 10th and it is snowing. I have experienced snow every month of the year in Montana, so I shouldn't be surprised, but seriously, snow!

Had to get that out of my system Ü. I need your opinions. I picked up this vintage wicker hamper. I need to glue the bottom trim on. To paint or not to paint, that is the question. I thought of painting it pink, sanding and aging. Does it lose its character and "vintageness" if I paint it? What about the lid that someone stenciled? Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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Here is middle son running the football-I hadn't shown him yet, didn't want him to feel left out. happy Friday!


  1. I would paint it, but then I paint everything. I realized I was painting too much when my son brought me a toy car and asked me to paint it white...I've since surrendered my paint brush.

  2. I think it would be adorable painted a pale pink and then cover the lid with a lovely vintage fabric. Sweet!

  3. I have a lovely vintage hamper that (believe it or not) I have not painted yet. However, I may turn it into a cooler... and paint it black. right now that season is over... unless you want to count tailgating season! So no paint for now... LOL

    I guess that doesn't really help! ;)

  4. I would paint it. I paint just about everything too. Maybe a pretty soft pink or a soft robin egg's blue. Maybe a pretty floral fabric that matches on the top. That would be very vintage looking.

  5. I agree, a pale pink or pale grey blue color would be very popular! Even a creamy buttery pale yellow! I'd either cover the lid with fabric or decoupage with vintage laundry ads!!


  6. wow, snow already!! holy cow! I do love Montana husband proposed on a canoe in Glacier National Park:) I think pink would be really cute and maybe you could cover the lid with a pretty shabby chic floral fabric?

  7. I love it either way!! just found you through "the blessed nest" very cool blog!!
    SNOW???? Where are you? Can't be that cold already!

  8. My opinion is to glue the braid and leave it as it is with the shabby paint and stencil top.


  9. You have snow already!! It's still in the 80's here in Georgia! I think I'd paint it.


  10. No paint...I would paint the top though, or cover in a vintage fabric. Very cute. Try to leave it as is with a lid makeover and go from there. :)


  11. I had a vintage hamper that I repaired, spray painted white and covered the top with a piece of padding and vintage barkcloth. I then sold it on eBay. I should have kept it for myself!

    Debbie in Florida


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