Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Hooked!

The weekend went by so quickly. We have had unseasonably mild weather so we were able to get some outside projects done that had been neglected in September. I need one more week of this good weather to get my garage ready for cars! I destroy the garage in the summers--hauling home too many garage sale finds, starting too many projects. Add my husband's sprinkler business stuff on top of my treasures and well, you get the picture.

I wanted to share this quick and easy project (and cheap!) that I have been selling lately. Buy the little plaques at Micheals ($1 each). Paint the edges. Pick out some scrapbook paper and press it on the top of the plaque to get the shape (kind of like the stars in the previous post) and then cut it out. Decoupage the paper onto the wood. When dry, sand a little and put a little stain on it and then poly. Add a hook (I buy these at a local hardware store-2 for $1.79) and and a hangy thingy on the back. I sell them as a trio--they are great for necklaces and purses and dog leashes and such.

Have a great Monday!

PS--I am messing around with my blog layout--you may see various changes over the next few days, but for now, I must get ready for bed.


  1. You certainly are .. and they are great!

  2. How clever, simple and inexpensive!

    I've had my hubby actually drill holes in the wall behind our bedroom door and inserted large wooden pegs to hold my handbags and small cup hooks for my necklaces. But your idea is so much PRETTIER!
    I'll be back to your blog again. I found you on Michelle Palmer's. :-)

  3. Bec this is a great idea! very cute!!!

  4. These are very nice and look simple to make. They would make great Christmas gifts. I wanted to make your stars...I went out to my storage building and looked and looked but couldn't find them. I did find a few gifts that I had purchased for Christmas. I spent the afternoon wrapping gifts that I didn't remember I had!!

  5. Very cute hooks! :) I also like the snowflakes you have going on!!

  6. You are so creative...I love those plaques, I might have to try and make those. I need something for my necklaces. Thanks for sharing.


  7. I had this exact same idea a year ago...but sadly it went to my vast expanse of the project graveyard! I wanted to be able to hang robes in the bathroom had one for each family member...but couldn't figure out what kind of "hangy thingy" to use that would make it sturdy enough...what did you use??

    ps love your blog.

  8. Very cute idea! I love your stars too. I may have to give both of those ideas a try when (and if) I get the time:) I see you changed the background on your blog too. It is very cute and perfect for this time of the year! Keep up the great ideas!

  9. I can't believe this, I actually bought some of these little guys and decoupaged fall papers on them but never finished with them...I love this...I'm headin' to the store to get some hooks! What an awesome idea, and would make a cute present for a teenager too with bright pink paper, or...something that would match their room! I love this! Thanks,

  10. These are just adorable. I love scrapbook papers. I'm kind of an addict. You can use them on so many things.

  11. I've just strolled into your blog for the first time. You've got some creative, fun, ideas. I'm always on the quest for inexpensive design ideas.
    Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to visiting again.

    Sweet Wishes,

  12. A friend gave me your blog.I really enjoyed your ideas. I am a crafter and I added you to my blog roll. Looking forward to reading more. Blessings...Sherry

  13. your layout is looking great! i love the hangers. these would be so great in my laundry room.

  14. I love your hooks! What a great idea!


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