Friday, May 8, 2009

A Little This and That

I got to work on a few things today and take a few things out to my antique booth. I painted up this table. Forgot a before picture, imagine that, but it was your basic brown, scratched table. I used the candlewax technique on it with five colors: cream, green, orange, brown, and blue.

Look at the cute vintage lamp I found. The shade I put on it is pretty bad, but it's all I had for now.

Here is fun folding artist's stool and a bakelite poker chip holder and an aluminum ice bucket. I took out a couple of other little goodies.

I have other projects in the works. I am thinking I want to tell my family that for Mother's Day I want to be able to work, uninterrupted all day, and not come inside to a huge mess and dirty dishes Ü. Hey, a girl can dream!


  1. Love how you painted that lil table!!!

  2. The lamp is fun and I really like the poker chips and holder. Happy selling! ~Mindy

  3. table looks great!! i like the colors alot!
    happy mom's day!

  4. Hey! Glad to hear the Montana JF is coming'll have to email me and let me know all the many vendors, when's the date, etc. Have a Happy Mother's Day!


  5. Dreaming is part of life without it, life isn't a dream, or... am I conflicated?

    Your lamp is cutie find.

    Have a great Mother's Day.

  6. That table is fantastic! 5 layers, wow!

  7. nice work! you commented above me in SITS :)

  8. Check out my blog, my dear. Got an award for ya that fits you just perfectly I think

  9. I love your blog and very impressed at what you can do with an old 'anything'
    Hugz... Betty

  10. I love how you painted the table! Great color.


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