Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I should be benched--I forgot I never showed you what I did with my bench I made.  I loved lots of your ideas, but decided on dry brushing white on it. 

 A dark stain against this chocolate wall wouldn't be good.  I liked the idea to make a bench pillow or pad and might still do that, when I get to it ???  I decided the white was best with the white baseboard and did the drybrushing so the great wood texture would still show through.


  1. Becky, the dry brushing in the lighter finish looks great against the brown wall! ~ Sue

  2. You are always doing! That white pops nicely off the brown wall. ~Mindy

  3. The dry brushed white is just perfect with the dark walls! I love how you can see the beautiful wood!

  4. you were right on with how you finished your bench. It looks fabulous!

  5. looks great, becky! i have a similar one in my house that i white washed to get a similar look. love the white against the dark wall!


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