Monday, April 4, 2011

A Tiskit, A Tasket, A Red and White Basket

How to line a basket 101:
Start with a basket and fabric.  This was an old picnic basket that I painted--it will be part of our junk fest giveaway.
 Measure the height of the basket, add a couple inches.  Remember height or write it down :).
Measure circumfrence of basket, add 3 or 4 inches.  Cut a piece of fabric the length and width of the circumfrence and height of basket.
Iron under the width or the short side of the fabric.
Start hot gluing the fabric.  Glue the ironed edge first.  Glue it with the right side in the basket, so that you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric.
Keep gluing around the basket.  The top edge can be a raw edge.
After you are done gluing, flip fabric inside the basket.
The edges will overlap.  You can secure them with hot glue and secure the fabric in a few places in the bottom of the basket with hot glue.
Trace around the bottom of the basket on a piece of cardboard (if you shop at Costco you will have a plethora of cardboard).
Okay, I forgot a picture or two here.  But, you cut out the cardboard a little bit smaller than what you traced and then cut out fabric to cover it.  Cover and glue the fabric on the cardboard and glue to the bottom of the basket.  Note the bit of embroidery in there, initials and the year '58.
You will have to check back mid June to see all the goodies we are stuffing this with for our 3rd annual junk-fest.


  1. Becky--It's absolutely perfect! I love it. You really did a good job. I lined one for jamie a couple of years ago and it was a pain. You make it look easy!

  2. Love your basket and you did a great job lining it! Red is such a great color!

  3. Cutsie!

    Romantic Domestic

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. The basket looks will hold a lot of goodies!

  5. Wonderful for some sweet Easter baskets...thanks!

  6. Loved your basket..very cute!
    Cool idea:)


  7. How cute!!!!!! I love it! JenT

  8. Your tutorial is so easy to follow. The basket looks more fancy schmancy :) Thanks for sharing this at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.


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