Monday, March 26, 2012

Junky Memo

Gather up some old junk, a side of a roadside dresser (this was written on it when I found it in pieces),
 (here is another project I made with the roadside dresser a few years back)
add a little paint, and what do you get?  A great memo board with lots of things to keep you organized. 
The metal magnet board is from ???, the note or photo holder is a vintage bill holder,
and the "hooks" are a part of a door lock, a trowel, and a window closure or lock.
A bread pan to hold mail and a doorknob plate thingy for a little shelf and even the junkiest girl (or guy) can get organized!


  1. Becky I love this ! It's so me, I love memo boards and old tools, you've put them all together! Great project!

  2. LOVE how you used old junk for your hangers, clips, etc! Ki Nasser has nothing on you!

  3. oh my goodness - junkalicious! soooo fab! you rock girl

  4. That has gotta be one of the most unique memo boards I have ever seen. The trowel, love the trowel.


  5. LOVE cute and clever! I think I have atleast one of each of those things in may garage waiting for a "purpose" right now! :) Laurel

  6. GREAT idea! I'm so bad about catching what my husband sees as "garbage" to repurpose. My latest was a entertainment center that I'm turning into a kitchen for my daughter...there's a hilarious story behind that, I assure you ;) I absolutely love your blog. Following along thru Linky so I can keep up.

    Have a great weekend,Becky!

    Erika @ Southern Belle as an Army Wife

  7. I love this! What a unique idea!


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