Monday, November 26, 2012

12 Days of Christmas--Day 11

We are getting many more fun Christmas/holiday ideas and links!  Here are a few:
O Holy Night from Chipping with Charm
Star ornaments from The Wonders of Doing
Paper stars from Eyes on the Source

And now, on the 12th day of Christmas Beyond the Picket Fence gave unexpected centerpiece.
Candles, pine cones--not that unexpected I realize.  But an elk horn in a baby cradle is a little different.  The idea for this centerpiece came when I found a baby doll cradle at the local Goodwill for a few dollars.  I painted it cream. I am decorating in mostly whites and creams this year, with fresh rosemary for some greenery and wonderful aroma.
Luckily, teenage son came home with an elk horn shed he had found while hunting (a shed is the antlers that animals shed naturally every year), so I used it.  The funny thing is is that before dear hubby and I were married, I told him that dead animals and their parts would never be included in our decor and that they belonged in the garage.  But, I loved the whiteness of this elk horn and the height that it brought to the centerpiece and the unexpected element of placing it in a cradle.
After putting it in the cradle I added some empty ribbon spools for height for my candles. NOTE--this is highly flammable and should only be burned under close supervision.  I may be replacing these candles with battery operated ones.
I used a piece of burlap to hide the spools. 
I added some pine cones and white berries.

What unexpected item could you use for a centerpiece?  A rusty toolbox, a small suitcase or travel case, an enamel pot, an old boot, a weathered clay pot would all be fun items.  Don't have any antlers lying around?  Use a twig, a an old metal chandelier arm or base, or chippy wood dowels.  Instead of pine cones you could use grapevine balls, rocks, dried flower heads, rusty junk pieces.  Have fun, use something unexpected, and put things together that would normally never be found sharing space for a fresh centerpiece this year.

12 Days of Christmas Linky Party Rules 
1.  Please link up only Christmas or other winter holiday (i.e. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa) ideas.
2.  Please include my 12 Days of Christmas button on your blog or a link back to my blog.
3.  Please visit each other's posts and comment.
4.  No direct links to items you are selling.
Thank you--have fun!

**STOP--Before you link up PLEASE read rules, this is a holiday linky party, thanks!


  1. Thanks for hosting a Christmas Themed Party. Happy I could join in.

  2. I love the decorations you are creating and grouping in your home. Some great ideas to borrow. Thank you for hosting.

  3. The centerpiece is very pretty. I especially like the shape of the candles and what is not to love about wood boxes. I am linking up another Christmas project, this time a vignette in our living room. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Hi Becky!
    It is so nice of you to host this fun party. I have enjoyed each week with all the delightful posts.

    Your little doll cradle chocked full of vintage Christmas touches is as cute as can be. I love the soft paint finish you gave it. You have inspired me to start looking around my home for something unique, too.

    I am scratching my head trying to figure out why the photo that I posted was one of my Autumn ones. I was sure I had tapped in on my current Winter photo and post??? ;+/

    I hope you have a great week, my friend.

  5. fun features! I also like your little cradle...unexpected eh? yeah, antlers would definitely be unexpected here. :)
    great party!


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