Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From Barn to Sofa Table

A new sofa table design that I came up with,
beautiful barn wood makes it all that much better.
and a bottom shelf add a lot of storage and display options.
Blue and white paint, stain completed the look.


  1. This is a beauty! The cubbies were a great idea.

  2. Oh My GOSH!!! You never cease to amaze me!! I so LOVE EVERYTHING you DO! You are just too talented and make things so yummy rustic! Makes me want to tinker with all the old fencing I have calling my name outside. I think I will! ;)

  3. That's pretty cute. It looks like it'll come in handy to hold some special display pieces behind your couch.

  4. How do people find barn wood? I see them use it all the time on the DIY network, but I don't know where to get it. Can you go and buy it somewhere? If not, how do you get it if you don't have an old barn? :)

  5. I'd like to know answer to finding barn wood also. Where can we find it?
    We have got to make a table like yours, love, love it so much. I love the varied colors, rusticity of piece, the great storage. What more could a person want? Perfect.
    You have given us a wonderful project to make with all the pallet wood and odd lumber we've been scrounging anywhere we can find it. Can hardly wait to show this to hubs.
    He asked me if he'll be allowed to sleep as I keep finding more and more projects for him to make. I didn't answer his ? about sleeping. Sure he can sleep when he gets all the pieces made. Just kidding.
    Great inspiration. Happy May Day

  6. That is gorgeous! It is so hard to find barn wood locally around here I usually try and fake it with stain LOL... Great job!

  7. This is a great piece! So functional with the cubbies and shelf. And, as always, gorgeous finishing!

  8. I too, love everything you do... I want to be you when I grow up. I struggle with painting, and you have it mastered!

    love the piece, love the cubbies, love the color!
    great job becky!

  9. Do you have the plans for this?


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