Friday, May 31, 2013

A Simple Side Table

I made this simple side table using a stool base and a lazy Susan top.
This stool was the type with a particle board/vinyl covered seat--not high quality, but the base is real wood and solid enough.  The lazy Susan top only needed the twisitng base removed (and saved for another project) and then I attached it to the stool legs to the top with screws.
I used my Cricut and some vinyl to make the pattern on top, painted over it and then removed the vinyl, sanded a bit and used stain over it all.

 I did paint the base as well.
Simple and the perfect side for a chair or couch or on the porch.
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  1. On my way to separate the turny-thing from the top right now. I've had all the parts, just not the idea - until now!!! Thanks:)

  2. That's pretty darned clever and turned out really cute!

  3. So clever! I just love all you create! I have been reading your blog for a while now and just now commenting (bad blogger!) I'm a fellow Montanan!!

  4. Very pretty effect on the table - congratulations! Thanks for sharing all the lovely ideas. x

  5. Precioso taburete.

    Un saludo desde Madrid

  6. This turned out awesome, love the stenciling!!

  7. What a great remake. The top is so pretty with the wood peaking through.

  8. Love this little table...great job Becky!


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