Thursday, July 11, 2013

Home and Family Shout Out

My pallet bench tutorial finally got a shout out on the Hallmark's Home and Family Show.  They shared the wrong blog address, but oh well!  I have asked them to change it on the web page.  It was still fun to hear it mentioned!


  1. I LOVE it! I might just need to make one or two this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's way cool Becky!! Congratulations!!

  3. Hooray for you Becky! You ROCK! Blessings, Patti

  4. Remember the little people when you get your own TV show.

  5. congrats but too bad about their booboo. Hope it got straightened out. You should get the credit for it. Great bench. I'll have to find the tutorial as we will make one, it's great.
    We used to make lots of little stools, benches, signs. Maybe we should try it again.
    Hard to know what people like here (Grand Junction, CO area), kinda snobby about distressed items. We're going to try putting our stuff in a craft place in Junction, hopefully we can sell enuf to make the booth space.
    Happy summer

  6. so happy I got to see this! I watch Home and Family every day. I would love it if they mentioned MRL on their show! Sorry they got it wrong. :(
    I just read up on a bunch of your posts I've missed. Loved the flag, and the star, ohh and the FAQ. That was fun.
    I got a bunch of fence recently that was more narrow and thinner than they regular dog eared fencing I normally get. I need to figure out something great to make with it. I have a LOT. Making wedding signs out of the good stuff, but ending up with a lot that is too rough to stencil. thoughts?

    Happy Sunday bec4. ;) Just could't help myself. I remember those days so fondly... it's what got me blogging.


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