Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Junkers Unite With a "Book Runner", A Pin Board, AND a Link Party!

Happy day Junkers!  Do I have something extra fun for you today!  A group of fellow junking bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you a plethora of fabulous, new junking projects, plus more!
For those of you who are new here, welcome!  I am Becky, author of Beyond The Picket Fence.  I love to take discarded items, thrift store finds, and reclaimed wood and transform them into "needful" home decor items for the "country chic" home.  You can see many of my projects here on my blog and can also follow along via Facebook and Pinterest.

Grab your favorite warm beverage, settle in, and enjoy some lovely, junky, doable projects!

This past summer my sweet hubby built me this terrific table from reclaimed wood doors.  And while I love it, lets face it, all that wood screams a little too much testosterone for my taste.  
Thus my need for some color on that wood was born.  And the perfect way to do this without painting it was to add a table runner.  But a typical fabric runner wouldn't work for me, so I created one out of old books (bibliophiles, look away!).
I love books, and old books are the best.  Their warm, musty smell, fantastic fabric covers in great colors, and yellowed pages make me giddy.  I buy most of my old books at thrift stores on half price sale days.  I look for fabric covers (A bonus is these covers are fairly washable.), in colors that appeal to me, and also for the titles and subjects.  For example, I used a trigonometry book because hubby was a HS math teacher, 
an English Lit. book because I taught English, 
and the Underwater Treasure book for its turquoise color.  Think of the different runners you could make--use all children's books if you have younger kids, Christmas books for the holidays, all vintage cookbooks-- the possibilities are endless.
Gently tear the book pages, all together at once from the cover.  You can use an exacto knife along the inside binding if it is too tough to tear out.  SAVE the torn out book to read or use for future projects.
I then laid out the books in the pattern I wanted, turning a couple the other way for interest.  I wanted some of the the runner to hang over the edge of the table--I had to switch a few books out to get the right length for the overhang.  Measure the width of the smallest book cover in your runner and cut a piece of felt that width and the length of your runner.  I used a dark red felt because that was what I had and actually used two pieces to achieve the length I needed.
Hot glue the book covers to the felt.  
It helps if you glue the binding first, pushing it flat, and then glue the rest of the book.  Hint, use a hair dryer on cool to get rid of hot glue "cobwebs". 
I decided to add a little burlap ruffle to the ends. 
 I love this burlap ribbon from the craft store because the edges are finished.  
Hot glue the burlap on the end books, ruffling it as you go.
Simple and unique--not your typical runner.
Oh, and those book insides?  Stack them in the middle of your runner, 
add a few candles and some rusty junk to make a one of a kind centerpiece!
Pick up a few good books and start creating!  I linked up at KNICK OF TIME.

We junkers have been on pinning frenzy--pinning the best junk out there.  Check out our Junkers United board HERE.

And see all these lovely ladies?  Each one has created a new, junky project and tutorial for you to enjoy. So hurry up and get clicking on the links below!

But wait, that is not all (Do I sound like an infomercial?).  We want to see your junk so link up your own fabulous creations below and we will pin our favorites to the 


  1. Seriously????? How do you think of that stuff! So inventive, and since there is no sewing involved, I could make this.

  2. Blink... that is the coolest idea EVER! Super genius, girl! Love the colour and heights and junkiness and everything!

  3. Love it! Definitely tones done the testosterone ;-)

  4. I majored in English in college and I just love any project with old books! Very cool!

  5. Such a super fun idea Becky!! Love it! Thanks for the party too!

  6. Becky I love the runner! What a great idea! (It would go perfectly with Angie's book hooks!)

  7. Love, love, love Becky!! That burlap ruffle is the "icing" on the cake :)

  8. This is so cool Becky . . . your bibliophilic runner . . . your teaming up with such great fellow junkers . . . and the opportunity for all of us to share our junk with you! Congrats and thanks for the party.

  9. Such a clever idea! I can't wait to make one for my own home! I never would have thought to do this. I am thinking that you are a genius!

    Happy Weekend!


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