Thursday, August 14, 2014

L,M,N--Reclaimed Wood "Marquee" Letters

Maybe it is the elementary teacher in me.  Maybe it is that I am finally catching on to the letter trend. Maybe it is my need to use up bits and pieces of wood, but after making the YUM, (SHOWN HERE) I am totally groovin' on making letters from reclaimed wood.  

And yes, I said groovin', after all I was a kid in the seventies when groovin' was groovy.
This week I made an L, M, N.
Reclaimed Wood Marquee Letters
Why those letters?  Because they are easy to make (general directions HERE) and are common letters for last names.

The L is made from reclaimed oak and is about 2 1/2 feet tall.  I painted it in blues in greens because if it doesn't sell, it may be mine :).
Reclaimed Wood Marquee Letters
The M is smaller and I kept it white and chippy because I knew the original dark wood stain on the trim I used would look great peeking out from white paint.
Reclaimed Wood Marquee Letters
The N is in red and is from a chunkier wood.
Reclaimed Wood Marquee Letters
I may eventually work through, build the whole alphabet, but for now I am happy with my middle letters--L, M, and N.
Reclaimed Wood Marquee Letters


  1. Great Idea Becky! Love your style,

  2. What a great idea, as usual! I love this and I'm thinking of where we could do it now. Thanks for the idea! Oh and I totally rocked at four square too...ah, the memories!


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