Thursday, January 1, 2015

Be Present in 2015

Happy New Year!  So this is it, the day we are all supposedly making a new life, changing our ways, improving our habits.  I am not a big new year's resolution kind of a girl.  I do like to reflect and think ahead and plan though.  I do like to work on being a better person and with that in mind I have been thinking about my word or mantra for the year.

Many bloggers like to pick a word to motivate and guide then through the year.  Last year I chose DARE.
dare one word resolution

In retrospect I do see that I did DARE to do many things in 2014.  

I DARED to go out on my own and have my own booth at antique place rather than share a booth like I have always done.  It means my rent is double and I have to fill it all myself and guess what?  I love it!  I love decorating all of it like I want and being able to rearrange when I want and have it all be me, my style.  (Here it is when it was still being filled.)
dare one word resolution
I DARED to venture into another exciting opportunity with my business that I am not quite ready to share yet, but I will be spilling the beans in the upcoming months.  It was (is!) scary and new and sometimes out of my comfort zone.  That also means it is exhilarating and challenging and oh so worth the dare.

I DARED to end relationships, friendships that were unhealthy and not life giving--ones that had outgrown their purpose and time.  It is scary and sometimes so much easier to not rock the boat and just go along with the flow  Ending a relationship doesn't mean I wish the person any ill will, quite the opposite.  It just means I value myself to say enough, to say if you can't hurt with me when I hurt and be happy for me when I am happy, I do not need you in my life.

I DARED to trust God and my faith through a very challenging, gut-wrenching life event.  I claimed God's victory over the situation from the start and although there were days I wasn't sure I could or wanted to make it through, I continued to trust His Word and promises! 

I DARED to focus on my business as my sole source for bringing income in for our family.  A true leap of faith when the income from creating and junking varies so much and is not a steady amount every month.  But, it is working and I am working it! 
dare one word resolution
So, all in all, I would say it was a good word choice for 2014.  It did motivate me and help lead me.  This year I am choosing a 2 word word or phrase: BE PRESENT!
be present
We all know we are a distracted society.  Distracted by phones and social media, by worries and stresses, by the next thing, and I am one guilty, distracted victim of it all.  And, I am tired of it.  Tired of needing to check my phone oh so often.  Tired of thinking of texting while I should be working or spending time with my child.

Does that mean I will be on social media less?  Probably not.  Will I text less? Maybe.  It does mean I will put the phone away, ignore it and leave it alone for hours on end.  It means I won't apologize every time I don't respond to a text immediately.  It means I will set work hours at home and just as if I was working a "real job", ignore the personal calls and texts.  It means I will have real, look you in the eye conversations.

I am a little scared to BE PRESENT and what that means, but I also look forward to what it means, to not relying on the electronics as much, to real facetime with those I care about.  I look forward to enjoying and savoring the small moments as they happen.  My middle child is graduating this year, time is going so fast, I don't want to miss the little things because I am distracted.  What about you?  Have you made resolutions or chosen a word or phrase to motivate you this year?


  1. Becky, I can really relate to your post! Being present is a work in progress for me...I'm learning! Blessings in all of your endeavors for the new year, Cecilia

  2. Been on the 'be present' band wagon for a while (my blogs name.) Looking forward to seeing how you live it out this year!

  3. Happy new year!!!
    You dare to do thinks thats why your so succesfully!!! Keep doing it!!!
    Your things look great all togheter!!!


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