Monday, June 22, 2015

Before and Afters

That moment when you realize you do not have any furniture to paint...yep, I had that moment a week and a half ago.  

Due to my getting a house ready to sell frenzy and my get rid of it attitude that included 4 dump loads and 4 thrift store loads, I discovered I had left the paint project cupboards bare.

A few hours spent at garage sales quickly changed that and I had a plethora of before projects. 

Here are the afters--not staged for our viewing pleasure, but ready to sell at the show I sold at over the weekend.

A little vanity got a simple off white paint makeover:
An end table with a loose bottom shelf, received a chippy paint treatment, via some candle wax and Fusion Mineral Paint.  The base was "rusted" with spray paint and cinnamon.  
A round table from a storage unit sale also got a Fusion Mineral Paint job and a little free-handed herringbone design.
And after repairing a small nightstand, it was painted dark grey with Fusion Mineral Paint and then stenciled on the drawers.
Three of the four projects sold--they were quick and easy and fun to paint.  Never underestimate the power of paint! Thank goodness for garage sales--they saved my bacon this show.


  1. great stuff Becky! I love that sweet vanity.


    1. Thanks Gail, I thought mt daughter would try to nab it, but she did not.

  2. Love the Fusion end table Becky!

  3. What great finishes you gave them all! Congrats on selling three of four!


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