Friday, January 1, 2016 2016

Happy New Year!  For the past couple years I have chosen a single word to focus on and guide me for the upcoming year.

Not a resolution, not a list to check things off of--just a word. A word to ponder and work at incorporating into my life.

This year's word is...pause.
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Pause to enjoy the little things.
Pause to savor.
Pause to really see people.
Pause to be thankful.
Pause to understand.
Pause before reacting.
Pause before speaking.
Pause again before speaking (I have stuck my foot in my mouth more times than seems humanly possible!)
Pause to PRAY.

In a world where everything is moving at record speed, where we are told to push for more to always want more, I want to simply pause.

What about you?  Do you choose an inspirational word for the new year?  What one thing do you want to focus on in 2016?


  1. I like the way of your thinking and admire your blog. Best wishes from Slovenia.

  2. I love your word! I decided a few weeks ago mine would become "finish". It's time to finish everything I've started in the last 10+ years on our house, with projects, in teaching children certain principles. I want to finish. Thank you for helping me to reflect and remember. Happy New Year!

  3. "Pause to savor".
    Resonates so well with me. We often forget to stop the moment in order to expand and absorb deeply the sights, feelings and memories. :)

    1. Yes, we are so busy thinking ahead that we forget to savor the moments.

  4. Pause is good..... helps us to be AWARE! That might be my word. Or..ACCEPT. I need to do that at this stage of life.


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