Monday, April 4, 2016

Another Show in the Books

Another show is done, finished, wiped out, caput.  It was a great one, with lots of people and lots of buyers.  I thought I would share a few things from the show.  Sorry for cell phone pics. I did share the booth with an incredibly talented friend, but most things you see in the pictures are mine. 
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I could have sold this table over and over and over.  Seriously.  Like 5 more tables and benches.  It is a great size for a small spot.  I also made another bar, you can see it tucked in behind the table.  I didn't get any decent pictures of the back, but it has a wine rack, wine glass holders, bottle opener, and liquor shelves like THIS ONE.
farmhouse table, bench, barnwood, display, show, build it, reclaimed wood,
The Montana bear was popular and I sold every sign I had except one coffee sign.
Montana, bear, sign, Grizzly, home, reclaimed wood, pallet sign, show, display,
These larger sized cut out bears were also a hit.  They are some work--collect the wood, glue it to plywood, nail it with the nail gun, cut out with jigsaw, sand, clear coat.  These are about 30" x 20" in size.
barnwood, reclaimed wood, bear, jigsaw, trim, minwax,
This started out as a table top, but I didn't make the apron big enough to support the legs properly so it became a basketball hoop.  I sold it at the end of the show, for a bit of a discount, but not too much because I would put it up in my house.  It is heavy but French cleats make hanging it easy!
basketball hoop, reclaimed wood, barnwood, hoop,
I decoupaged to fence boards a large Library of Congress photo of a Billings (where the show was) parade at the turn of the century.  I also had some cutout fish, I only had one leftover.
fence board, reclaimed, salvaged, decoupage, Billings, Montana, fish, cutout,
And out of two large, full truckloads, this is what I had left to pack up and take to my antique booth.  5 minutes of loading up and I was done!  Another show in the books and time to clean the workshop!


  1. How cool, Becky, you have some great stuff there!

  2. That's awesome!! So glad it was such a great show for you!! Now time to start more good stuff to share...hint hint. :o)

    1. Thanks Jamie, I plan on it! But, the workshop must be cleaned first!!

  3. You had some great items, Becky...I can see why they all sold! How fun to have so little to load up at the end of the sale!

    1. Thanks Linda! Yes, I was a happy camper to be able to load it all in the cab and head out!

  4. Wow Becky! No wonder you sold so many things, your projects are awesome! I'm looking forward to a craft sale in May... always busy making for the shop and the next event! Congratulations on a great sale!

  5. I did shows for 35 years with pottery. The first show fo the seaason was always the new things for the new year, and sales are validation for your YOURS IS a YAY!...Very coold stuuf, you denfintely have your finger on your market. Thanks for the share, Sandi


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