Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday! My family often hears me say, "Look out the window, look at the light!" The other evening the light was amazing--an incredible golden color that faded into the most beautiful pink (this photo does not do it justice). Good light makes everything look better. Light makes seeing things easier, it warms us, gives us energy, and it is necessary for survival. Jesus came to this world to bring us light. But, there is so much darkness in our world that we forget to stop and look at the Light. We bury our heads, walk around in our black clouds, and only see darkness. When life gets dark, look to the LIGHT, Jesus. See the beauty, let Him illuminate the way, give you energy, help you survive. And, this is vital, if you find that you are in such a deep darkness that you cannot see the Light, PLEASE ask someone to help you to find it.


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