Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens and Adults

I think stockings have always been one of my favorite traditions of Christmas. (See the how to on making these stockings HERE.)

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As kids, we would place our stockings on the couch or a chair on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas morn we would find the stockings stuffed, plus other Santa gifts placed around the stocking (our Santa was no dummy and knew placing the gifts around the stocking meant less wrapping!). *affiliate links* 

stocking stuffers, stocking ideas, teens, adults, inexpensive gifts, Christmas,
We would find socks, small toys, gum, Pez dispensers, life saver books, oranges, and sometimes walnuts.

I now enjoy being the stocking stuffer.  Stockings for littles are pretty easy, but a bit of  challenge for teens and adults.  Here are some of my favorite ideas found at Amazon :

Milk frothers are perfect for coffee and cocoa drinkers.
Glass waterbottles are environmentally friendly, and they keep water tasting like water!
Pop Sockets make holding a phone or tablet easier.
Phone Battery Packs are a must for teens and, let's face it, most adults too!
Essential oil diffusers for the car smell much better than those cardboard trees and are healthier.
It has been shown that coloring reduces stress and blood pressure.  There are ALL kinds of coloring books--from naughty to nice!
And finally, my family always gets Burt's Bees in their stockings,
and socks!
Add favorite candy and gum and the stockings will be stuffed!


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