Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Coffee House Decor

Ok, I am pretty sure I have been dreaming of having a coffee lounge or coffee house decor in my dining area since I first spied Central Perk in Friends. 

how to get a coffee house decor look in your home
I mean, who doesn't love the casual, cozy, welcoming atmosphere?  And after seeing what Redhead Can Decorate did, I have been working on creating this in my home.
Redhead Can Decorate coffee lounge

I am not flipping my dining and family room spaces like Redhead Can Decorate did, but I am working on designing a cozy, comfy dining space.  I found a round dining table (with 2 leaves) at the thrift store and I am just about done transforming.  The small round table will be perfect because I only have one kid at home still so most days there are only three of us eating at the table.  I love that I can expand the table when we have company.

Now, I am looking for other pieces to complete the look and feel of the space.  I am looking at both thrift stores and online for what I want.

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Things like a SETTEE 
settee for a coffee house look in your home
I also want some funky, MID-CENTURY CHAIRS to set around the table.
mid-century dining room chairs
I will need a ROUND TRAY for the round table.
Round metal farmhouse tray
And I think I want a RUG, but can't decide, round, square, oblong, rectangle?? What do you think for a round table that will sometimes be oval?
square rug with farmhouse boho style
A COZY THROW will be a must!
And, a new DINING ROOM LIGHT (because I currently have overhead spotlights that scream public stage rather than cozy coffee house!).
industrial dining room light fixture

What else do you think I need for a coffee lounge?

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