Monday, March 20, 2017

More Balance in Your Life

Today's MORE Monday focus is going to piggy-back off my Sunday Verses from yesterday-- getting more balance in our life.  Yesterday, I shared that keeping God at the center of our lives is the best way to find the correct balance. I absolutely believe this.  But, there are of course things we can do to help keep our lives balanced.  Today, I want to give you ideas can use to focus on finding balance.

The thing to remember is that a balanced life does not mean everything will be equal of even.  If you picture a balance scale, you may have one big, heavy object on one side and 10 lighter, smaller objects on the other side.  The things that we spend our time and energy on will not always be equal.  Sometimes, something has to be bigger in our life and that is okay.  But, when it is, you must make sure you have enough of the smaller things to balance out the big thing.

For example, if you have a big project at work, you have to make sure you have some time for your family, your health, your friends.  It may be less than time than you like, but you MUST make some time for those things that can't be the current biggest priority.

The balance is constantly changing and shifting and that is how it should be.  The important thing is to find, seek, strive for, and insist on equilibrium.  If we let one thing, even a good thing become too big we suffer and those that are most important to us suffer.

So, as in the previous weeks, print out this FREE WORKSHEET HERE and pick a few ideas to help add MORE balance in your life this week and let me know what you are working on.

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