Monday, March 13, 2017

More Space Less Clutter

If you have joined me on this journey of getting MORE out of life in 2017, you might remember that in the beginning I told you to have MORE of something it also meant that we we need less of other things.

This week, we are going to focus on having more space and more breathing room (in both our homes and minds) by having less clutter.  
free printable Mother Teresa quote on having less to get more

Clutter is that extra "stuff" that almost all of us have in one form or another.  The stuff that we don't really need and don't really use, but we can't seem to let go of it.  

We keep and hang on to clutter for numerous reasons--we might need it someday, we paid for it so we can't just get rid of it, it has sentimental value, or we have attached a sense of security to it.

Whatever the reason, I am here to tell you that getting rid of some extra clutter is freeing and feels oh-so-good.  But, I know it is overwhelming for some of us to think of going through it all and eliminating some of the stuff.

Remember, this MORE Mondays challenge is all about making small changes that will add up.  I am asking you, me, us to simply pick a few areas to de-clutter this week.  
free printable ways to get rid of clutter

Try it, see how it feels to get rid of a few of the extra items.  Then maybe come back to this worksheet next week and try a few more suggestions.  

Let me know what YOU are working on! 

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  1. Love the checklist. I don't do this once a week, but I've been going through and doing stuff like that on a semi regular basis. When we renovated the kitchen I put all our stuff in boxes and put it away. When the kitchen was finished I only put in the basics. After a year everything still in the boxes was sold at a garage sale!


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