Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Verses

be still and trust God
Happy Sunday!  I am pretty sure I have never been described as quiet. I am loud and boisterous, I like to talk and sometimes I enjoy and even "egg on" an argument.  But the older I get the more I realize the beauty and gift of quietness and stillness.  God works in the quiet, he speaks to us and strengthens us in times of rest.  When we quit struggling and fighting against those things that rob us of our peace and instead place our trust and confidence in Christ, we will see him working--we will find strength.  This week, let's practice quietness, let's be still, let's trust that God is working behind the scenes on our behalf.


  1. Again, a timely message. You do that a lot. :-)

  2. Be loud when you are proclaiming that God is good!

  3. My house is quiet all day and I only turn on the tv at night to watch. I couldn't take life without solitude! I agree with Deb: Be loud when you are proclaiming that God is good! Have a blessed week Becky :)


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