Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rustic Fish Bench

Sometimes I find something at a garage sale or a thrift store and I know instantly what I will make with it.  Such was the case when I spied this nubby blanket/rug at the thrift store--I KNEW it wanted to be the upholstery fabric on a bench.

use a thrift store blanket to upholster a bench
However, it took me a year to actually build the bench for the fish blanket. 
a rustic Montana bench made from reclaimed wood and a thrift store blanket

But, I am glad I waited because it fit in perfectly with the campy/cabin display I just put together at the antique place I sell at.

rustic items used to create a vintage camp and cabin display
I used reclaimed fence posts for the legs (cut 16" tall) and reclaimed pallet 2" x 4"s for the sides. I joined the sides to the legs, using the kreg jig,  I added some angled braces cut at 45 degree angles. I added some cross boards in the middle to set the upholsterd plywood on.  I secured the plywood to the cross braces.
reclaimed fence and pallet boards make the perfect rustic bench

I wanted the holes in the pallet boards to show--wanted a rustic look to this bench. I used a clear finish on all of the wood.
reclaimed wood rustic fish bench
It is a perfect Montana bench, and it has already found a new home. 😊 Time to build something else...


  1. Awesome job...I saw those stencils on Donna's post, they are super cute. Your store display is so nice ,you have a great talent for sure.
    The fabric you used on the bench, was that from an old blanket or purchased new? I love the print.

  2. You are so right, it is a MT bench. Every time I get on your blog I get so homesick for MT. Just no other place on earth like it. What's the saying there - MT is the last best place? No kidding. Have to live there to really know what that means.
    Love your bench and blanket. Not surprised it sold already had new home, you build wonderful items Becky. Have great weekend


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