Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Verses

God knows our name and we are never alone
Happy Sunday! On a recent road trip, we heard a couple different times one of my favorite childhood songs (thanks to satellite radio stations). And, as America sang about being in the desert on a horse with no name, I thought about so many people who feel like THEY are nameless and lost in a desert. I long for people to understand that God knows their name, that Jesus sees us and KNOWS. He sees each hurt and every pain, he sees the loneliness and the sadness, he sees the lost and loves us through it all beyond our limited human comprehension.  He KNOWS your name and mine, and knowing that means we will never be nameless and alone in the desert places in our lives. Trust and rest in knowing Jesus KNOWS you!


  1. Sometimes I do feel like a nobody, I have to admit. Such a big crowded world & even at church today the priest shook my hand but looked right past me. I am sure God sees me & loves me, but sometimes my earthly self feels invisible.

    1. Deb, I am sorry :(. It is easy in this preoccupied,distracted society to feel overlooked. I am so thankful that God sees us and knows us and always calls us by name!

  2. Deb, I am so sorry that happened to you when he shook your hand. Sad.

  3. Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so :)
    Wonderful reminder Becky :) We are never alone...

  4. We are never alone when He is with us, but sometimes we can feel lonely. Since my husband died I find I must make the move to gather friends and enjoy my life and not feel so lonely. O will ask someone to go somewhere with me or enjoy a lunch with a group of friends after church, or just go and enjoy being around others even if I do not know them (theater, plays, etc).
    I will also go on hikes or walks or to museums or wherever even by myself! It helps a lot! And I always feel loved as HE is with me.


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