Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rustic Farmstand Pumpkin Sign

I knew I wanted a sign for fall that was rustic and looked like it had been painted by a farmer for a roadside farmstand. A little "playing" and I got the look I was after--rustic and simple.

how to make a rustic farmstand style sign

I started with a rough piece of plywood I found in the workshop. I did not want something new and completely smooth. I painted it with white latex house paint. 
make a weathered sign for fall decor using this paint technique

 I let the white paint dry long enough to wash my paint brush out. 

Next, using this fantastic 14 in 1 paint tool from Hyde (HERE), I scraped the white paint off. It stuck to the low places in the plywood and came off from the high places, creating a perfectly weathered background for my sign. 
use a paint scaper tool to make a rustic style sign
I painted the pumpkin with orange, yellow, white, and brown craft paint, and green for the stem.  It then dawned on me that if this was an old sign, the pumpkin would have paint coming off of it too so I scraped the pumpkin as well. I hand-lettered the sign, making sure I didn't completely fill in the lettering to "weather it".

I am happy with the rustic, farmstand look and will be making more signs this way. Let me know if you try the paint scraper method of weathering paint! 


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