Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Verses

Inspiring Verse and Devotional
Happy Sunday! If you follow my blog at all, you might know that most of the times when I am building, I build without a plan. I work and figure it out as I go. This can drive my husband nuts who wants a plan and a detailed drawing. I tell him be patient, it will come together and you will see it eventually. It reminds me of the poster I would often see as a kid that exclaimed, "Be Patient, God Isn't Finished With Me Yet." In the new year when most of us are making resolutions and trying to improve ourselves, we need to remember to be patient with ourselves. We need to slow down and settle down and let God work. Whatever you are striving to change and improve in your life, give it to Jesus and trust that he will be working on it and will continue to until completion.


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Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate your kind words!