Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Rustic Barnwood Hall Tree

One of the privileges of creating and building and having my own business is being able to donate items to various auctions and charities. 

Hubby has been on the YMCA board for five years and they recently had their biggest fundraiser of the year, the Snowball Gala. This year we built (and I say we because although most of the time I do all the building, hubby definitely helped on this one!) a rustic, barnwood hall tree.
Rustic Barnwood Hall Tree
We started with two pieces of weathered, corrugated tin we had. We made the tin back first.
Rustic Barnwood Hall Tree
I made the bench separately, adding storage to it. 
Rustic Barnwood Hall Tree
Hooks were added and the back was attached to the bench. I didn't stain any of it, but used my favorite, brush on clear finish.
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I love this clear coat, you can get it HERE.

Giving back to our community is a priority for us and we are blessed to be able to do so.
Rustic Barnwood Hall Tree


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