Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sunday Verses

devotional on taking time to renew your spirit
Happy Sunday! Winter is in its final stretch and I know many people are feeling weary. We are tired of being sick with colds and flu, restless indoors, longing for more daylight. We look forward to the newness of all things spring--we crave renewal. Do you know what restores your spirit? For me, renewal comes when I get outside, spend time with God, or meet with friends who make me laugh. Jesus needed time alone with his Father and he made sure to take it. With our busy, full schedules we need to purposefully take time to do the the things that recharge us. During this season of Lent (six weeks before Easter) ask God to renew your spirit. Work into your schedule time to spend alone with Jesus and time to discover and actually practice those things that refresh you.

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