Sunday, October 4, 2020

Sunday Verses

Devotional about God always is with us
Happy Sunday! Most of us have been standing in some deep waters lately. What started as a toe-dip or wade into challenging times, has become a full drudge into murky and unsettling spaces that seem to want to drown us. Holding on to our faith life vests through it all is not as effortless as we may have believed. I know many of us have struggled to keep our heads above water and we long for Jesus to pluck us from the raging water and set us safely on dry land. God does not say he is going to protect us from all hardships, but he does promise us that he is will be with us. Jesus is standing beside you and I, holding us upright as we ford the grueling waters we must pass through. Stand firm in faith when relentless life drenches you,  knowing that God will not let you drown. And, in time, may we realize that the waters that engulf us are also life giving streams that change us as they wash over us and strengthen us.

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