Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Creating a Cozy TV Room

Decorating a new home sure can be fun, but also a challenge. I think the biggest challenge is not only deciding what to do and how to use ne spaces, but also getting ALL the projects done. I am trying to take my time and enjoy the process. I had a few different ideas for this window alcove in our front bedroom. I knew it would be a great spot for a window seat, but...
What to do with a window alcove
we decided to make the space a TV, lounging room. One reason we decided to put the TV in here is because our sectional was bit too big for the family room space and because I didn't want a big TV hanging above my wood stove. I also wanted the kitchen, family room space TV free for entertaining (which we may get to do again some day...).
Gallery wall of favorite things
I used many of my favorite items from our Montana house and gallery wall. I made an engineer print at Staples of a favorite photo of my kids and put it in an old window frame.
engineer print wall photo
Since the sectional went in this room, a window seat wasn't going to work. Instead, I decided a shelf above the window would warm the space up and would be a great space to display a few favorites of mine.
Reclaimed Wood Window Shelf
The reclaimed wood came from a local thrift store. It is old and I think had some type of fabric insulation maybe attached to it at one time. It had lots of nails in it, some square nails. I left as many of the nails as possible, took some out for cutting the board. 
Reclaimed Wood Window Shelf
Wood braces were cut at 45 degree angles and secured into the side walls of the alcove.
Reclaimed Wood Window Shelf
To style the shelves, I used a couple game boards. The rummy board I picked up at a local thrift store. the funny thing is, I already had one of these and sold it in my antiques booth. For $5 I decided it was worth buying again and KEEPING for a change. 
vintage game board
I displayed my vintage cameras by the rummy board, placing a few of them up on old books.
wood game board
The wood marble game board I found at our local dump, where they have a little spot for people to put things that others might want. I think it was some kid's woodshop project. 
style shelves with things you love
I added some yellow, light and navy blue paint to it, finishing with white paint over the top. I sanded some of the paint off. A painting of our dog that was a high school art assignment for my daughter is tucked behind the game board.
Vintage World Globes
My vintage globe collection finishes the shelf styling.
Creating a Cozy TV Room
This room is cozy and is definitely starting to feel like home. Using favorite collections, reclaimed wood, and vintage items make the space cozy and personal. 


  1. When everyone enjoys a space together, you have been successful in achieving your goal!

  2. It's all just wonderful. You really know how to tie a room together!

  3. Thank you Cheri. This move hasn't been easy for me, but using some of my favorite things in my house definitely helps to make it feel like home.


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