Thursday, January 7, 2021

Simple Winter Decor From the Thrift Store and Nature

Christmas decor is all put away and while the emptier spaces are refreshing, they also feel a bit bare. My approach to winter decorating is to keep it simple, a little sparse, white with a bit of evergreen. At the end of January I will add an teensy-weensy bit of Valentine decor, but other than that, the quieter, unembellished decor feels right for winter. 

January is a great time for thrifting and I will have an upcoming post on thrifting, but today I am sharing what I did with one of my recent thrift store finds--a leather binocular case.

Winter Decor From the Thrift Store and Nature
Empty binocular cases are fairly easy to find for a few dollars at thrift stores and antique places. I scored two at the same store, paying $3 for each. These would make cute purses, are great hanging in an entry with mittens or hats in them, are dandy holders for flasks and small cups for picnic or tailgate cocktails, can hang in a home office to hold mail or in a bathroom to hold washcloths--really the possibilities are endless. 
Winter Decor From the Thrift Store and Nature
I chose to put together a winter "floral" arrangement in the black one. I added some pine branches from my yard and a few sticks or branches. 
Winter Decor From the Thrift Store and Nature
If you want to keep branches extra fresh, add a few small jars with water in the binocular case. No pine around? Use bare branches, palm branches, or a fresh rosemary plant from the grocery store. I had some small snowflakes in my craft stash that I hot glued to the bare branches. 
craft store snowflakes
I added a short strand of twinkle lights. The lights are one thing from Christmas that I always miss. 
Add Twinkle lights to a winter floral arrangement
This fun winter "floral" arrangement is hanging in my entry. I wanted it to hang a little shorter so I looped a knot in the strap. 
Winter Decor From the Thrift Store and Nature
Think outside the box, vase, or basket when putting together arrangements. Have some fun and ALWAYS grab vintage binocular cases when you find them!


  1. We don't have good thrift stores near me, so I've never seen binocular cases at any of them. But I love this idea and will keep my eyes open! I watch youtube videos of such great thrift stores and I am sooooo envious! My 14 yr. old granddaughter and her friends have now started clothes shopping at thrift stores. Dang! The girl has found some cute stuff. She likes "vintage" and "retro" stuff and is just in heaven in a thrift store with clothes:) She even recently found a very cute and in good condition Burberry purse for $1!!!!! I am never that lucky!

  2. omg, what a great idea! I had never thought of using them this way!!



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