Thursday, February 11, 2021

Thrift Store Finds, Neutrals

Neutral Thrift Store Finds Plus Thrifting Tips

Today I am sharing some of my recent neutral, natural inspired thrift store finds. 

Neutral Thrift Store Finds Plus Thrifting Tips
I think that it is easier spot items at the thrift store if you are looking for a particular color or texture. That doesn't mean you don't look at the other things, but when you tell yourself, "Today I want to find some natural colored items," it seems easier to discover what you want.
Neutral Thrift Store Finds Plus Thrifting Tips
This wood bowl with a lid is clearly missing a handle. I think it might have been an ice bucket, but there is no plastic container in it and it doesn't have any signs of water damage, which other wood ice buckets I have found do. I have a few ideas for how I want to use this--stay tuned.
Neutral Thrift Store Finds Plus Thrifting Tips
I have been looking for good, solid wood cutting boards to help warm up the white subway tile in my kitchen. To clean thrift store cutting boards lightly sand them by hand. Wash thoroughly with hot, soapy water. wipe them with some bleach and when completely dry, rub coconut oil into them. Be sure to check for cracks or splits before buying thrift store cutting boards.
Neutral Thrift Store Finds Plus Thrifting Tips
The old mirror belonged on a medicine cabinet, it is heavy and has a great, chippy finish to it and was only $5. I will hang it over my chest of drawers in the bedroom.
Neutral Thrift Store Finds Plus Thrifting Tips
The crock has no markings and I do not believe it is old as it has a hole in the bottom. It is heavy and will make a cute, outdoor planter.

Baskets always deserve a look at the thrift store. Examine them carefully as they often have broken reeds. This little palm frond one fits perfectly in the tarnished silver holder and will get a plant in it when I find the right one. Other ways to use thrift store baskets--as lamp shades for hanging lights, to organize the pantry or bathroom, flat baskets look great on a wall, they dress up plastic plant pots. Baskets add natural texture and warmth to a room. 
Neutral Thrift Store Finds Plus Thrifting Tips
The fabric is a curtain. I used some of it for my Christmas stockings and will make pillows with the rest. Always look at the linens for repurposed pillow fabric or for a small piece for recovering a chair seat. In the basket is some dyed jute in natural colors. The craft sections at thrift stores have a wealth of supplies and are appreciated since the nearest craft store is about an hour away.

So, today's thrifting hints are:
*Look for a specific color, especially if you feel overwhelmed at thrift stores.
*Check out the baskets at thrift stores.
*Look through the linens for "fabric" and explore the craft section.
*Wood cutting boards are plentiful at thrift stores and can be cleaned.


  1. Look forward to seeing the projects.

  2. Love the crock. Love the color too. I went thrift store shopping today. I only found a few little items. No furniture to repurpose, which I really love to do. Too cold right now anyway. My portable she-shop was just buried in snow! Finally thawing out today.

    1. Glad you are thawing out! The crock seems authentic and maybe someone drilled a hole in it. Some thrifting days are awesome, some I come home with nothing.


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