Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thrifty Thursday Small Easel From Vintage Finds

Upcycled Thrifted Finds
I didn't quite know what I was buying at thrift store, but the sturdy, worn cardboard box and the wood instrument inside told me it was something old. It was with the sewing stuff so I thought it was maybe a hem gauge. Dear daughter encourage me to get it, that I could do something with it and it was only $1.50. So I bought it and when I took it out and looked at, I discovered it is a vintage ophthalmologist tool. It came with complete instructions on how to use.
Vintage Optometry Tool Turned Easel
It was made by the Bernell Company in South Bend, Indiana. It was founded in 1954 and this was one of the first instruments made. The company is still in business today.
Vintage Optometry Tool Turned Easel
I saw an easel and in minutes made one. I simply hot glued the small slider piece in place and then hot glued the upper piece that was supposed to be attached to extend the viewing stick horizontally to the slider tool.
Vintage Optometry Tool Turned Easel
It makes a great place to display a vintage oil painting that came in a lovely frame (that will get repurposed) all for $2. I got two of the little oil paintings and I love them.
Vintage Optometry Tool Turned Easel
I love this sitting on an end table in the living room. It would also be cute on a shelf.
Vintage Optometry Tool Turned Easel
And isn't this vintage oil landscape simply lovely?
Vintage Optometry Tool Turned Easel
Today's thrifting lesson is if it is the right price, looks old and interesting, you will probably find a way to use it. Also, look through the pictures and frames always, you never know what you might find. Happy thrifting!!

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