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Thrifty Thursday Different Ways to Use Wood Items

Thrift Store Finds and Tips

In today's Thrifty Thursday post I am sharing some recent wood finds and some ideas on how to use unique thrift store finds, plus tips on what to look for when buying wood items at the thrift store. I feel like I just introduced you to my topic like I might have in 9th grade composition class. 😁 

I recently found and bought these three wood items on the same day at our local thrift store, spending a total of $10 for all three. I always make sure to look at the section that has small, wood items. Using wood decor gives your home a warm and natural, organic touch.

 Some tips when looking at wood objects include: make sure it is real wood--look at edges to check for a veneer, if it is heavier it tends to be real wood, look for warping or water damage, remember scratches can easily be sanded out, gouges not so much.
Thrifty Thursday Different Ways to Use Wood Items
The wood vase (vessel?) is not old, and was originally sold at Target for $29.99--I got it for $3. The wood carrier (anyone know what this might have been?) is quite old. I can tell it is not a new product based on the big, straight screws holding the feet on, the grain of the wood, and the dowel construction. For some reason it reminds me of something from a church, but that might be because the wood looks like it is from an old pew. I paid $5 for it. The vintage, wood, Scottie dog, napkin holder was homemade and for $2 I thought it was awfully sweet.
I love coming up with and sharing with you different ways to use an item. I quickly staged three different ways to use each of these items.

Let's start with the wood handled carrier. It can be used for fruit either as a centerpiece or on the counter.
wood fruit box
Big apples all in a row say, come, enjoy!
Thrifty Thursday Different Ways to Use Wood Items
Use it for a coffee table decoration by putting nature finds in it--a shed antler, pinecones, moss. You could use shells, rocks, dried flowers, twigs--whatever you have that you like.
decorate with found objects from nature
This little trough carrier works well next to a reading chair holding favorite books.
wood book holder
And what are some of the favorite books I am reading right now?
what I am reading right now
(This post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy something through the link I provide I may receive a small compensation at NO EXTRA cost to you.)
Click on the title to purchase the book.
The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohleben
The Joy of Forest Bathing by Melanie Choukas-Bradley
Conscious Creativity by Philippa Stanton
Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey
Just in case you are worried. you should know I don't just read non-fiction--I am also reading a murder mystery on my ipad.

The scottie dog napkin holder, as any napkin holder, can be used for lots of things besides holding napkins. Use it to hold a few books--these are ready for my grandson's next visit.
use a napkin holder to hold books
Remember when we printed photos and always got double or triple copies. I like to grab random stacks of those multiple copies and keep them in a bowl or on display in the family room. Guests enjoy looking at them and they are great conversation starters. Put a stack in a napkin holder and set them on an end table or coffee table. 
display and share random photos
This little scottie dog is also cute sitting on my hot drink station tray, holding packets of apple cider.
hot drink station
The wood vase would look great with a glass jar in it, holding fresh flowers. Since I am fresh out of fresh flowers, I opted for some faux greenery and sticks.
seasonal centerpiece in a wood vase
I set the centerpiece on a vintage, amateur, oil painting of radishes. This is signed by a Mrs. James Compton, which is sweet, but also makes me glad that we can now use our own names and our identities aren't just as a Mrs. The painting won't get ruined at all and it is a fun twist on a centerpiece tray.
vintage amateur oil painting
The wood vase works for extra toilet paper on the back of a toilet (always make sure that at least your guest bathrooms have an extra roll of TP).
toilet paper holder
We are cloth napkin users on a daily basis--better for the environment and the budget. I like to keep them out on the counter near the kitchen table so they are easy to grab. I rolled the napkins and easily fit at least a dozen in the wood container. You could also keep rolled washcloths on the bathroom counter in this.
Thrifty Thursday Different Ways to Use Wood Items
Always look for the wood things, check them out carefully, and buy them if they are the right price. Get creative with how you use an item and think of a new and unique way that you might be able to incorporate your find in your home.
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Thrifty Thursday Different Ways to Use Wood Items

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