Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Funky Colorful Art, Mermaid Overwhelmed

I am going to preface this with saying that I am (once again 😀) stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing something that I might still be a little unsure of. But, the truth is I love trying new things, and I adore funky, colorful decor, and I am done playing it safe by decorating with what is popular and the latest thing that you will find mass produced at Hobby Lobby.

I have been collecting (thrifting) colorful, bright, unusual, amateur art to hang around my TV in my great room (are big open rooms still called great rooms?). I found some fantastic pieces that I will share soon. I decided to create one of my own that I am calling Mermaid Overwhelmed.
Funky Colorful Art Piece
It is displayed on my windowsill here, with a 1960's modern art piece I picked up this past weekend. I am calling her Mermaid Overwhelmed because she has lovely, mermaid, beach waves and her long, unclothed neck speak mermaid to me.
Mermaid Overwhelmed
Her crooked crown and wide-eyed stare make her look like she is feeling a bit overwhelmed, as if she was just put in charge and is not so sure about it. 

I painted her on a piece of old plywood. I started with the background, applying blue, yellow, peach, and black paint with a piece of scrap wood.
painting a background
I then used acrylic paint and shabby paintbrushes to paint Miss Mermaid. I just let the painting "happen", adding lots of bright colors. 
Funky Colorful Art Piece
I finished with some black details. I then sanded her a bit and added stain over the entire piece, wiping it off quickly so that it didn't dull the bright colors too much. I finished the painting with a coat of past floor wax that gives it a lovely feel and depth. 

For me, I believe Mermaid Overwhelmed fills the purpose I wanted in an art piece. I wanted color, a female portrait, something funky and urban and fresh.
Funky Colorful Art Piece

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