Friday, April 1, 2022

Thrifted Blue Vignette for Spring

I might be a day late for my Thrifty Thursday post, but let's face it--the majority of my posts can fall under the Thrifty Thursday category since thrift store finds and thrift store decor is what I  love. Finding this vintage (I am pretty sure it is vintage based on the fact that it is natural wicker, not plastic), blue wicker wrapped demijohn for $1.50 at the thrift store

vintage blue wicker wrapped demijohn
 inspired me to create a fresh snack tray and vignette for spring. This sits on the corner of my taller, bar height, kitchen counter and the bright blue vignette replaces the hot cocoa tray that has been sitting here since December. 
Thrifted Blue Vignette for Spring
EVERYTHING except the food and branches is from the thrift store.
I started with a wood tray and cloth napkin. The wood adds nice balance to the bright blues and a natural touch. I like the lighter wood color on this thrift store tray.
thrift store decor
The white and blue ceramic container with the (dusty 😳) wood lid is Opal House which means it was from Target, It holds protein bars right now. The vintage Presto canning jar has some yummy rosemary almonds in it.
1979 Vintage Blue Melmeister Bottle
The blue bottle is a 1979 Melkmeister ceramic wine bottle. I am trying to force some branches in it. Some tips for forcing branches include changing the water every couple of days, cutting the ends of the branches every few days, mist the branches, and make sure you are trying to force branches that have had at least six weeks of cold.
tips for forcing branches
The oranges (super sweet Cara Cara oranges from Costco) sit on a vintage pear and blue rimmed plate.
Vintage Pear Plate
The bright blue is perfect for spring. I love the different textures in this vignette and I love that it all came from a thrift store. I spent less than $15 total on all of these items. It is fun to go on a thrifting hunt and look only for one color. Try it, you will be surprised by how much you find.
Thrifted Blue Vignette for Spring


  1. Absolutely love the blue wicker demijohn!! Any ideas on where to find one like this? I checked ebay. Your arrangement is just perfect!

    1. Thanks so much! I don't know where you might find one. It was a lucky find at a senior center thrift store!


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