Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Five Furniture Flips in Five Days

I am challenging myself to share with you FIVE furniture flips in FIVE days. (I may take Saturday off--boating day!) I have been gathering thrift store and garage sale furniture, but haven't overly motivated to fix, paint, and flip them so this challenge is just the thing I need to get moving. 
The first flip I am sharing is a pair of oak chairs that I picked up for $2 each at a garage sale.
Oak Chairs Before Flipping Picture
They look a lot like an old oak school chair, except they have a square leg or bottom rung. They are probably from the eighties, but I think they have a MCM vibe to them. I decided to hop out of my comfort zone and give them a fresh, fun pink paint job and finish.
MCM Boho Oak Chairs

MCM Boho Oak Chairs Updated
I wanted a light wood look for the seat and chair back with painted sides. I sanded the seat and back completely and the sides lightly. I wanted to keep the oak light looking, but that is tricky because it wants to turn orange when you put any kind of a finish on it.
How to keep oak a light colored
To keep the oak the light color that was revealed when I sanded it, I white washed the seat and chair back with very thinned down white paint. 
Whitewash Oak
I then painted the sides a pink color galled Pink Glamour. It is a little lighter than I thought it would be, but I still like it. I let the chairs sit overnight to make sure the white washing was completely dry. Then I used Johnson's Paste Wax on the wood and painted sides too. The wax should be used in a well-ventilated area. Completely soak rags used to apply the wax in water when you are done with them.
Johnsons Paste Wax
While the wax warmed up the wood, the whitewashing kept it from becoming too orange. Here is a waxed and unwaxed chair seat.
Johnsons Paste Wax
These chairs are great side chairs for extra seating when needed. They would be cute at a small kitchen table or for a desk. 
Five Furniture Flips in Five Days
They are solid and sweet and perfect for any MCM boho home.


  1. Your instinct to not paint the entire chair and white washing the seats were on point. They turned out super cute!

  2. Not sure why my comment was published anonymously!


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