Monday, October 24, 2022

How to Save a Broken Wicker Chair

Back in August I spied this FREE, broken wicker chair at a garage sale and knew that I could save it. Other than the seat being broken, the rest of the chair was in great condition and the price was definitely right.
Free Wicker Chair Before
I am working on creating a cozy and comfortable reading nook in our main bedroom. I decided this chair fit both the look I am wanting in the space and that with a little help, it could have the comfort factor too. While I am still working on the reading nook, I couldn't resist giving you a peek of the upcycled rattan chair with the morning sunlight streaming in.
How to Save a Broken Wicker Chair
Keep reading to see how I saved this FREE chair.I removed the broken rattan seat. The cross pieces supporting it were also broken, so I removed them too. I did remove some of the wicker "cording" to hot glue on one of the arms that was missing two pieces of it.
How to Save a Broken Wicker Chair
Using a piece of newsprint, I made a pattern of the seat bottom by pressing the paper around the edges of the seat hole.
How to Save a Broken Wicker Chair
I traced the paper seat pattern onto a piece of particle board and cut it out with a handheld jigsaw.
Cut a new seat bottom with a jigsaw
I then set off to find something to upholster the seat with. I wanted something with texture that looked older, and I wanted something with burnt orange and/ or dark green in it. I found this Turkish tapestry at the thrift store for $4.99 and decided it was perfect.
Turkish Tapestry
After washing the tapestry, I cut a piece of memory foam, some quilt batting and half of the tapestry to make a seat cushion for the rattan chair. I used the staple gun to make a nice and tight covered seat. I attached the wood seat with screws through the chair's bottom seat frame.
How to Save a Broken Wicker Chair
I love the funky, unique look of the tapestry seat and the chair is super comfortable. The large, burnt orange, velvety pillow is also from the thrift store, along with the green cotton blanket thrown over the chair. 
How to Save a Broken Wicker Chair
Both items got a good washing ( I only buy pillows from the thrift store if they have a zipper and can be washed. I use Lysol on the actual pillow forms.) We recently painted the nook this warm orange color. The sun shining on it is so inviting.
How to Save a Broken Wicker Chair
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 We had new carpet installed in the two downstair bedrooms. I added this super soft rug to better define the reading space. You can find the area rug HERE.
How to Save a Broken Wicker Chair
I am collecting art pieces to create a floor to ceiling (12 foot ceiling!) art wall that will be on the side wall to where the chairs are. Here is some of what I have collected.
Art Wall
I want a bookshelf in the space since it is a reading area and am still working on the other details. I hope to show you the finished space soon, Until then, I am so happy I saved this FREE chair. It is very comfortable and the perfect spot to sit and soak in the morning sun.
How to Save a Broken Wicker Chair

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