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Creating a Montana Vignette

I have always loved creating vignettes. As a kid I would rearrange the shelves above my bed on a regular basis. They held favorite books with Raggedy Ann and Andy bookends, a Hawaiian doll, a tiny wood table and chair set painted pink, some favorite stuffed animals, a patriotic Bugs Bunny figurine from Great America--all objects that held memories for me, but probably not very similar in their style and look. 

I am thankful that today I still enjoy creating vignettes, both in my home and in my pop-up shop. Recently sourced items came together in the perfect Montana vignette.
How to Create a Visually Appealing Vignette
Keep reading to see the details in this display. 

I recently purchased the book Vignettes by Sean Sherer. This book is beautiful and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an antique booth or does vintage shows or who wants to create great displays in their home. (Affiliate link) You can buy it HERE
Vignettes Book
I have learned a lot from the book. Sean says, "A great vignette embodies...meaning and history." And that still life arrangements were the precursor to vignettes. Objects give us information to the past and hold memories. He shares about how to mix things up in vignettes and still make them look connected and put together.

These objects or curiosities share a common western, Montana theme. Let's start with the Ralph Lauren fabric piece hanging on the wall. Hanging a rug, fabric, a strip of wall paper is an easy way to add color, texture, and pattern without making a huge change. I thrifted this fabric and love the classic, American West pattern on it.
Montana Western Vignette
The log turned candlesticks and vase incorporate a natural, organic feel.
How to Create a Visually Appealing Vignette
Any self-respecting Montanan knows a CM Russell print when they see one. This one from an 1849 painting, needed a new matte. The rusty, hand painted, tin box picks up on the red inn the fabric on the wall. The flat wood box sitting in front is handmade and has a gorgeous wood grain. On top of the Russell print sits a piece of Montana river driftwood found on a recent hike. 
How to Create a Visually Appealing Vignette
A dear friend bought the Will James photo at a garage sale. She gave it to me as Will James was the name of the junior high that we attended. A rare, brown and white, graniteware spittoon is upcycled into a planter. The wood flowers came with the thrifted wood vase. The cowboy and horses print behind hanging on the wall is a copy of a photo. I found it at a thrift store as well and it is in an old frame.
How to Create a Visually Appealing Vignette
The height of the candles on the left helps to balance the height of the hanging horse photo. Repetition of colors, materials and subject matter helps to make a vignette that is pleasing to the eye. Interesting objects with a history produce a still life that is both exciting and creativity and one that inspires further inspection.

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