Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday!  Friends, we have become people who are so easily offended.  And, not only that, we have become great storytellers--making up assumptions that are always negative.  She looked at me weird, she must be mad at me.  She seemed short with me, what is her problem?  I am telling you, STOP!! Stop taking offense to every little thing that may or may not be sent your way.  Stop assuming the worst and assuming it is all about you. Guess what?  Even if it is about us, we can overlook it.  We can give each other grace.  We can remember that this life is hard and we all are going through stuff.  We can have some good and common sense and simply overlook the wrongdoing.  It is for our good and God's glory to do so.  This week let's try to be a little less offended, let's overlook the offenses in our lives and show some grace to others. Can I get an AMEN?


  1. Yes you can. Amen. We should be quick to compliment, quick to lend a hand & quick to forgive. Wouldn't that make the world a better place if we did these things?

  2. AMEN! Sheesh......I'm so sick of the situation of which you speak. What has happened that is making us this way?

  3. Amen. Lately I have been reciting the old nursery rhyme about sticks and stones in my head when I hear about this foolishness.

  4. Amen- "to the glory of God"...may that be our guide, moment by moment...thank you for the words of truth! I need that reminder! Blessings xo

  5. Amen! Thanks for sharing the wisdom. Would that more could and did live this.


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