Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Rustic Farmhouse Grain Seed Bucket

I recently stocked up on some of my favorite stencils, Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. (BUY HERE).

Her newest line are these wonderful GRAIN SACK stencils. 

garin stencil from Funk Junk Old Sigh Stencils
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The grain stencil was the first one I played with. I love these stencils--they are high quality, they have great registration marks, and are unique and perfect for today's farmhouse decor.
Galvanized Bucket from the Thrift Store
I recently found this galvanized bucket at the thrift store for a few dollars and knew it would be perfect for the grain stencil. I used a white porch paint to stencil with since the bucket may be used outdoors. 
Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils
As you can see, I eliminated the grain seeds on the side because it was a bit too large for the bucket. I did stencil on both sides of the bucket.
Rustic Farmhouse Grain Seed Bucket
Buckets are fun containers for all sorts of things. Use them for towels,
rustic farmhouse grain seed bucket
toilet paper,
Rustic Farmhouse Grain Seed Bucket

Rustic Farmhouse Grain Seed Bucket
or books.
Rustic Planter
They make great planters--wouldn't hens and chicks planted in this bucket be perfect?
stencil a bucket with old sign stencils

Rustic Farmhouse Grain Seed Bucket
You can throw your picnic supplies in one for easy, outdoor dining. I did place a few towels in the bottom to lift the paper items up.

Can't find a galvanized bucket? Read my post HERE to see how to make one!!


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