Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Treating Others How we Want to be Traeted
Happy Sunday! A recent drive on backroads led us to this abandoned schoolhouse. I hate seeing it deteriorating and wish that I could I restore it. I imagine the children who played and learned in this "lovely to me" school. Do you remember being taught the golden rule in school? I can picture the neatly lettered sign in my first grade classroom and I remember having to recite it. It seems like a pretty simple rule to live by, but darn, applying it is not always that easy. Everything Jesus taught was this golden rule principle: love each other, bless people, don't judge, be kind. Being human is messy and hard and hurtful sometimes, but before we act, before we speak, we need to pause and ask ourselves, are we treating this individual how we would want to be treated? 


  1. I often seen old barns, farmhouses and buildings that need TLC. So much history in those walls. Here in Oregon there are quite a few.

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