Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Verses

Let Your Light Shine
Happy Sunday! We finally got some days of sunshine this past week and I am loving it. The other morning the much welcomed morning sun was shining through the window and casting a shadow on the wall that looked almost iridescent. Light--it makes such a difference in how we see and in how we feel and react to things. We are called to be a light to each other every day. We don't need to wait for the big gestures to shine for others. Be a daily light in the small things and in small ways: include rather than exclude, be positive instead of someone who complains and is negative, be polite in your interactions not short and rude, listen to someone rather than talking at them, give grace instead of impatience, smile. People notice light, they notice the subtle differences in people who let Jesus shine through them.

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  1. I loved seeing the sun reflected onto my bedroom wall as it had a sun/shadow image of the plants outside dancing upon it!


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