Tuesday, November 17, 2020

12 Days of Christmas, Day 1, Natural Boho Christmas Ornaments

12 Days of Christmas Day 1 Natural Boho Christmas

It's that time of year, time for my 12 days of Christmas Ideas Posts. Except, this year feels different, right? Celebrations will be small, intimate. Huge, over the top decor feels out of place for me. Plus, I am in a new, smaller home in a new state with an empty nest and so decorating will be different. 

Here's the thing, different is okay. I am a Christmas tradition lover, but I am working at embracing less, using what I have rather than creating more stuff to store in space I don't have. I am embracing simple, but still new to me Christmas ideas. And so keeping that in mind, I am working on a natural, semi-boho theme for Christmas and look forward to sharing a dozen idea with you. 
use what you have to decorate for Christmas this year
I now live in the land of countless pine trees and pinecones are everywhere. I have been collecting different ones on walks and used some to make Christmas ornaments with a natural boho feel.
Use Found Items to Make Simple Ornaments
No pinecones where you are? You can get some at a craft store OR use what you have--driftwood, acorns, dried branch pieces, shells. I used small eye screws in the top of the pinecones to hang them, using a small drill bit to start the hole for the screw. depending on what you are hanging, you may have to use something else like a small washer hot glued to a shell.
hang pinecones with an eye screw
I made a dozen tassels out of baker's twine and jute. I made these just by wrapping the twine around a chunk of cardboard, tying it off at the top. The tassels will help the pinecones stand out on the tree.
Make Tassels to Hang on Pinecones for Boho decor
I wanted wood beads on the ornaments, but didn't have any. Rather than buying any new, I looked through my current Christmas decor and decided to cut a few beads off my wood bead garland. I carefully cut off the knot on the end and removed about 30 beads and tied off the end on the garland so it is still usable, just a wee bit shorter. Using florist wire, I ran it through the eye screw and put both ends of the wire through two or three beads and through the top of a tassel. I twisted the wire to secure it and cut off the excess wire ends.
Natural Boho Christmas DIY Ideas
I made a dozen which is a great number to disperse around a tree. 
My tree is not up yet so for now the pinecones will rest in a wire basket until I get the tree up. When Christmas is over, I will remove the eye screws, use the pinecones for fire starters, and story the tassels and beads in a sandwich bag. 
Natural Boho Christmas DIY Ideas
You will see more pinecones in my natural, boho, Christmas this year. Start looking for and gathering what you have around to use for Christmas decorations this year. The price is right, and the simplicity feels right.

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  1. Very earthy and natural. Pretty, but not my style. I have to have the red and green of traditional Christmas along with Santa, reindeer, gingerbread people...and this year a gnome or two:)


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