Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth and Farmer's

I hope you all had a great fourth of July. We celebrated at a friend's and then came home to our little neighborhood for fireworks. I watched a few and then packed up for Farmer's Market. I must say, the older I get, the less I enjoy this holiday--too many annoying fireworks. And trust, my children are part of the culprits. I dubbed myself the fireworks scrooge! I do however thank God for my freedom and for the people who fought and continue to fight for that. I feel blessed to live in a country where I can openly worship God without fear of persecution.

Here are a few of the things I did this week. I remembered the after pictures--yea for me Ü!

I made this trunk from this little homemade tool box I bought. I added the legs and painted it up. My daughter wanted to buy it from me for $5. But I told her she already had a trunk I painted for her and she didn't need another one.

I painted this tabletop--the legs were already that color. The table top was fairly scratched so it needed paint. I put stain over the top to knock the color down a bit.

DH got these stools for me--all 3 for $2 total. One is a little shorter as you can see in the picture. But we fixed that. They were all white and scratched up. At first I painted just the tops, but then decided the white legs were too stark of a contrast and too scratched.

I slapped some layers of paint on these shutters to make a tabletop letter/picture holder.

And this shelf was inspired by Sharon S. over at HGTV message boards. I painted the trim boards and then nail gunned them to two 1 inch boards. I added the shelves and the spindles and the hooks. The hooks were the only thing I had to buy--the rest was also found curbside.

The relatives will be back tomorrow on their way back to their home (did I mention I had in-laws that came to stay with less than 24 hours notice? I don't do well with that!). The oldest leaves for Christian camp tomorrow and I have a pretty quiet week so I hope to gets lots done. Have a blessed Sunday--and thank God for the freedom to choose how you spend it!

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  1. I love all your projects. You do great work! Did you paint the flag on the suitcase? So fun!


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