My Favorite Products


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I use my 18 volt Makita Drills every day I work in the workshop.  They pack a lot of power and are lightweight.  I keep a drill bit in one and a Phillips screw bit in the other.  
I went through a lot of different sanders before deciding on this one.  Because I work with rough pallet wood, I am hard on sanders.  Other than having to replace the sanding pad from time to time, the MILWAUKEE SANDER has held up tot he abuse I give it. 

The other tool that puts in a lot of hard work in my shop is the 12" Sliding Compound DEWALT MITER SAW.

I use stain over a lot of my projects and my stain of choice is MINWAX.


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  3. I love your style & yours in particular (bought your book). I'm 72 & love doing the same things...never knew I had the interest. Please include me in any of your postings. PS: don't know why but your "son in heaven..." comment makes me weep....I have a brother who lost a son long ago....still breaks my heart. I have only one gorgeous happily married daughter w/ a great husband & two beautiful kids.....Say one for me......


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