Friday, May 15, 2015

Chicken Chair

Chicken chair you ask? What is that? A comfy spot for my fowl feathered friends to roost, so to speak? 


A chicken chair is a thrift store chair, repainted and recovered in a fun chicken chair fabric sample.
fusion mineral paint, chair, chicken decor,

I bought a pair of these chairs several years ago at the local thrift store.  One I recovered and resold right away. The other has been hanging around... in a corner, at the foot of my bed, in the basement.
fusion mineral paint, chair, thrift store makeover,
So, while my coffee was brewing this morning (and wow, did I ever brew a strong pot this morning!), I painted the chair.  I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Linen, which is a limited color, part of the Michael Penney collection. CLICK HERE for a chance to win $150 in paint and products from Fusion Mineral paint.
fusion mineral paint, chicken chair, thrift store makeover,
And then as my eggs were poaching (as in, while my breakfast was cooking), I recovered the seat with this chicken chair fabric sample I picked up from a garage sale. It was a tight fit, but worked.
chicken, chair, chalk paint,
And after the LARGE cup of strong Joe, I put the chair seat back on.
fusion mineral paint, chicken, chair, thrift store makeover,
Quick and easy and little bit of whimsy!


  1. makes me want my own chicken chair so cute xx

    1. It is sort of a classy chicken, if there is such a thing, ha-ha!

  2. Really cute and easy! I passed a chair today and said, I can redo that.. we always need a spare chair! But... hubby was driving... no go! Just joined you... happy to be here!

  3. love the much nicer and so cute


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