Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Verses

Devotion on Discernment
Happy Sunday! I had to snap a photo of this sign on a hiking trail near our house because it is one we don't see very often. We know the sign is there for a reason and choose to only hike this trail in early spring before the snakes are out. On other trails we typically see bear warning signs and we heed those as well, carrying bear spray and making noise as we hike. Signs are meant to prepare us and warn us, to help us. God gives us signs-- in his Word, during our time talking to him, with our intuition, and in our guts. He also gifts us with discernment to understand and make good decisions. Many of us ignore the signs. We are swayed by lies, manipulation, flattery. We can ask God for the ability to distinguish and recognize his signals that are meant to protect us and aid us. This week, let's ask Jesus to help us perceive what is true and good and right and to see and regard his signs so we can act on them.

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