Monday, June 23, 2008


What is that relaxed sigh I hear, that peaceful "noise" or lack there of? It is a mini retreat for me here at home. Oldest son is off to Yakama Washington with his youth group to do some mission work, middle child is at camp and baby girl is with Grandma for a few days. Don't get me wrong--as you moms all know--I cherish my children, but a short break every now and then is good for the creative juices, good for the marriage and good for my overall sanity.

Farmer's Market went very well on Saturday and I sold most of my things, which means I have to get my rear in gear! Here are a few other items I sold on Saturday. This little chest of drawers was a curbside freebie (you can see the before picture here:)
Wow that's a long, ugly link! Here it is after a good sanding to smooth out the horrible faux finish ! It does have a knob for the middle drawer--it had gotten mucked up so I needed to repaint it.
I got this bulletin board/chalkboard at a yard sale for $3. it had the red finish, but it was scratched and chipping. I sanded more of it off, added the leaves/vine and stained it. I also repainted the chalkboard paint as it had some scratches too.
And here is a little, fun side table I made from a lamp base I picked up for free at a yard sale (it was broken). I finished breaking off the top part, glued a round, wooden plaque on the top and then used a great vintage Chinese checkers board I had found. I saw this same board online for $45--I paid $2 for it. It had all of it's original pieces-no one had lost their marbles! But, wait did I make two tables? No--I used magnets on the top so that the game can be turned over and either game can be played. Have a happy Monday--I am off to work on more projects without interruptions Ü!


  1. Great idea, using magnets for a double-sided table! Congrats on your market success!

  2. I have that exact game board. What a fun project.

  3. I want to visit your 'booth'
    too bad we're on opposite sides of the country.
    LOVE the red chalk/memo board!

    2 questions:
    Can you explain the candle wax method you mentioned in an earlier post (light blue mirror)?
    The walnut stain ... do you wipe some off, or just put a light coat on (bread box and red tables)?

  4. new every morning--the candle wax method is rubbing a candle over spots between each layer of paint. I then use a paint scraper tp scrape the layers off. And yes I do wipe off the walnut stain--quickly too, especially if it is hot or it dries on the piece.

  5. I know what your talking about. When my house is nice and quiet I have so many ideas that pop into my head. You try to make the most out of your time. Im so glad I came across you... I will have fun catching up. I love how you change an old item to a new treasure! Im adding you to my list of wanna come back! Take care, Susie H~


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